MailChimp Guide Covers

Last year, we revamped the covers for the MailChimp guides. Ron, our creative director, encouraged us to have strong ideas and to reference the Book Cover Archive for inspiration. Now I have so much respect for book jacket designers.

This cover is the only good idea I’ve had in two years. Just like you start your day with breakfast, you start your day with MailChimp!

I made all the food, including the Freddie-shaped pancake, and collaborated with Jason to set up this photo.

For the Automation cover, I thought of those toys at the pediatrician’s office–where the beads move along on a predetermined path with just a little help from you. I literally googled “doctor’s office toy”. By the way, they’re called “bead mazes” or “bead roller coasters”.

Here are the guide covers in their rightful place at our Resources page.

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